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Kyoto, the historical and cultural heart of Japan.

Kyoto as the capital city of Japan was established in 794.
It was named as "Heian-Kyo", or the Metropolis of Peace.

This reminds us of Madinat al-Salaam, or the City of Peace, a new capital city of the Abbasid dynasty in Baghdad, completed in 766.

So, at the end of the 8th Century C.E., there were the larger City of Peace at the center of the Islamic world and the smaller City of Peace in Japan.

Today, Kyoto serves not only as a historical and cultural center but also as a city of universities and a center for scientific activities for Japan.

Halal in Kyoto: Hotels and Restaurants

Please visit the official Kyoto Travel Guide and its "Muslim Friendly Kyoto" site. It offers the information on Halal facilities in Kyoto.

The KMA and Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs support Kyoto City's activities to welcome Muslim visitors and guests in Kyoto.