Juma Prayer on Fridays in Kyoto

Adhan: 12:20
Khutba: 12:25
Salat:    12:40

Friday is a working week day in Japan, so we try to keep the prayer within lunch break. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Our Khatibs are serving on voluntary basis. If you want to join the Khatibs, please get in touch with the brother in charge of Khutba.

Prayer time may delay for some minutes. Please don't complain. We are all trying our best to make it punctual.

Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Wudu / Purification in Kyoto Masjid

Our prayer room is underground. There are two toilets and wudu places, one for male, and the other for  female.

However, for Juma / Friday prayer, there are so many brothers, and the underground prayer hall and the ground floor (usually our Office) are used both for men. We are terribly sorry for sisters, since there are no space for sisters during Juma prayer.

Wudu places are also for only men during the Juma prayer time at the underground prayer hall.

Sisters can pray after the Juma prayer (around 13:00).

Visitors to Kyoto Masjid

We welcome our guests to Kyoto Masjid.

There are many brothers and sisters visiting our Masjid these days.

Kawaramachi St. is a large street, and buses can stop there, whie our guests pray at our Masjid.

If you can call us before you come, it is better, because our Office is not open on Sundays. Masjid and Prayers are managed by prayer care-takers.

We appologize to our visitors, if any inconvenience happens. We wish you a pleasant stay.